Five teenagers are mysteriously transported to a fantastic new world where magic is commonplace, airships roam the skies, princesses go rogue and ancient civilizations are the stuff of legends and dreams.

    Their best and only hope to return home is finding the mythological lost city of Samarkand, cradle to an ancient and extinct race of Men called Deors, legend says they might have found a way of travelling through worlds using powerful artifacts. Will they find it?


    The Lost Kids is a 232 pages Graphic Novel split up in eight issues and available in Digital Format through Comixology. Click HERE or the picture above to purchase your copy today!

    The series was created and produced by Brazilian filmmaker Felipe Cagno based on an original screenplay. Over the course of three years, Felipe oversaw a team of fourteen artists across the globe to bring his vision to life: an epic comic book story introducing a brand new world and mythology. The series was done completely independently and made a brand of itself both on Facebook and DeviantArt, make sure to pay them both a visit for more exclusive content and to stay up-to-date on all things Lost Kids.

  • Para os Brasileiros

    Para os fãs brasileiros, além da versão digital americana, está disponível também uma versão impressa de luxo que reúne as oito edições completas com mais de quarenta páginas de material extra como Making Of, Galeria de Arte e mais! Clique na imagem para maiores informações do livro e como realizar a sua compra online.